“Canopy of Natural Beauty

Time has stood still for the Kakamega Forest, a remnant of the rain forest that stretched all across Central Africa. This beautiful forest is home to various mammals including bush pigs, giant forest hedgehogs, colobus monkeys, Debrazzar monkeys and pottos. Some of the birds to be seen here include the Blue Headed Bee Eater, Black Billed Turaco, Turner’s Eremomela and Grey Parrots. Bird watching, hiking and rock climbing can be enjoyed here in the serenity of the forest that time forgot.

Key features

  • In the reserve do not miss, the view point of Buyangu Hill with the wonderful overview of the surrounding forest especially impressive at sunrise.
  • Small but lovely Isiukhu fall.
  • The giant tree on Mukangu trails.
  • The nature trails with labeled trees of interest and pollinator garden near KEEP office.
  • The only remnant in Kenya of the once great tropical rainforest that stretched across central Africa.
  • Home to several hundreds of species of birds, snakes, monkeys, bushbucks, duikers, countless tree species and natural glades.
  • The species include: over 380 species of trees, 330 species of birds, 27 species of snakes, 7 primates, over 400 species of butterflies and several mammals.

How to get there

  • By road – The shortest route from Nairobi (418 km) is via Nakuru and Kapsabet. Take the A104 road as far as Timboroa and continue for another 4 km until you see left turn which takes you to the C36 road to Kapsabet from there take the C39 road until it joins the Kisumu – Kakamega road.From Eldoret the shortest route is via the C39 road to Kapsabet.
  • By air – There are now scheduled flights to Kakamega and visitors can also fly to Kisumu or Eldoret and travel by road to Kakamega.